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Why Jorge Garcia Accepted Islam?

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Why Jorge Garcia Accepted Islam?

In this Episode of “The Deen Show”, Jorge Garcia shares with the viewers the story of how he came to Islam.

In this Show we talk to Jorge to find out why he chose Islam as his way of life and what was it about Islam that over took him and had him surrender and submit to the Creator of All. open your mind and humble your heart and Enjoy the Show

Key Points of This Video
Introduction [start time 00:00]
About [start time 01:25]
Me before Islam [start time 01:48]
Concepts of God in different Christian sects
My connection with Jesus after Islam [start time 05:55]
Another Prophet after Jesus (Muhammad) [start time 15:22]
How I came to Islam? [start time 18:30]
My first encounter with the Quran
Scientific Miracles of the Quran [start time 24:15]
The written preservation of the Quran [start time 25:10]
Islam is for everybody! [start time 26:03]
My belief
Concept of sin in Islam
Conclusion [start time 29:09]