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The Life of Prophet Muhammad

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The Life of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) Most Inspiring Character of History

• He was the kindest and a Mercy to Mankind • He was at the highest order of morality [Quran.68: 4];
• His (S) morals were the embodiment of the Qur’an [Hadith]
• He confirmed, “I have been appointed to perfect the morality”. [Hadith — Sayings of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him]
• He was the Messenger for entire mankind [Quran. 7: 158]
• Arabs acknowledged him unanimously and used to call him Al-Sadiq & Al-Ameen
• [the Truthful and the Trustworthy] • He never speaks out of his own desire and that [what he coveys to you] is but [a • Divine] inspiration with which he is being inspired” [Quran 53: 3-4]
• He said, “Ana Afsahul Arab” [I am the most eloquent person amongst the Arabs] • An Extraordinary advocate and promoter of “Ilm” [knowledge] in the society:
• “Talabul Ilme farizatun ala kulley Muslim” [Acquiring knowledge is obligatory on • every Muslim [and Muslimah] — Hadith –Ibne Ma’ja]
• He was the most ideal and perfect Da’ee Ilallah (Call to Allah) for all time to come:
• He declared the first Charter of Human Rights in 631 AD from the Mount of • Arafat when he performed his first and the last Hajj.
• He was the most ardent advocate of human rights, wage-earners rights, very benevolent to slaves, care takers of the way farers and the oppressed, the orphans and the rights of women.
• He established the concept of equality amongst human beings, eradicated all kinds of discrimination on account of color, race, wealth, language and geographical boundaries. He made Bilal bin Ribah, a African from Eretria the Moazzin (caller for prayer) of his Mosque and his personal exchequer;
• He was an affectionate father, a dutiful and loveable husband, an ideal neighbor, a trustworthy and honest trader, an efficient administrator, a foresighted statesman and a brilliant general. ]

In short he was the most accomplished human being. Whosoever came in contact with him (adored him, including his adversaries. He is the most perfect ideal in every walk of life for any individual and society to follow as model, the only hope of mankind to deliver Khair [good] to all who resolve to follow him and his teachings.