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Romanian and Loving Islam

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Romanian and Loving Islam

Jibreel is a former Christian of Romanian descent. He came to Canada in 1998 and had been studying the bible in-depth since he was child in Romania. After years of attending Church, he started to doubt the Christian belief system. Listen in, as he narrates his journey to Islam.

Share this Video with your friends its about How a Romanian went from being a Christian to finding Islam as the way of life that is from the Creator of all.Share this Video with your friends and to learn more visit

Introduction [start time 00:00]
Me before Islam [start time 00:52]
My first encounter with Muslims [start time 03:00]
My fast life [start time 04:50]
Me prostrating to God [start time 07:04]
Me giving up Christianity [start time 10:13]
Me getting closer to Islam [start time 12:38]
I realized that there is a way! [start time 17:19]
Me accepting Islam [start time 19:00]
Advice for one that is looking for the truth [start time 21:58]
Conclusion [start time 23:35]