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Christmas, Santa Claus, and Islam

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Christmas, Santa Claus, and Islam

Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are all commonly practiced festivals by thousands in various countries across the world. In this video Dr. Quick unveils the polytheistic nature of these events.

Introduction [start time 00:00]
About me [start time 02:15]
Historical background of December 25 [start time 05:39]
Was Jesus born on December 25
About Santa Claus [start time 11:55]
About Easter [start time 13:40]
About Halloween [start time 15:19]
Valentines Days [start time 16:09]
Is Valentines Day an innocent day? [start time 18:24]
Trick or Treat (I just want some candy) [start time 19:50]
I just want to see my family and it’s the season to be jolly! [start time 22:00]
Advice for the viewers [start time 24:40]
Monotheism is the call of every messenger [start time 26:58]
Extremism is found in every faith [start time 28:11]
Conclusion [start time 30:13]

Holidays that people celebrate and what every person needs to know and where does Islam fit into all of this with our guest Dr. Hakim Quick
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