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Theft, Murder, Adultery – Contemporary Issues

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Theft, Murder, Adultery – Contemporary Issues

Yes, Allah prescribes the amputation of a hand if theft is committed, but there are conditions.

“As to the thief male or female cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example from Allah for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in Power.”
Surah Al Maida 5:38

Introduction [start time 00:00]
Muslims Hack off Peoples hands? [start time 00:55]
Amputation of a thief is subject to Conditions! [start time 01:15]
Relationship of the Application of this Law and the rate of theft [start time 04:10]
What is cut off and how? [start time 04:53]
The Islamic punishments carry deterrent value! [start time 06:00]
Why are these punishments done publicly? [start time 06:47]
The Issue of Fornication and Adultery [start time 08:20]
These issues are decriminalized in certain societies
These kind of issues are trivialized to the extent that even presidents that have indulged in the such acts are elected
Application of this law in the Islamic System [start time 11:25]
The number of cases of people being stoned to death are very few
What is the Evidence? [start time 13:00]
A Woman gives birth to a Baby
The law is rarely applied it is more of a deterrent
Looking at Public displays of affection in Western Societies [start time 15:10]
The case of two stranger indulging in sexual indecency in public [start time 16:20]
A person who is involved in Arm Robbery [start time 18:11]
The punishment of adultery is not something that Islam Introduced [start time 19:18]
Conclusion [start time 19:45]