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Name: Allah – In the Names of Allah [2/4]

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Name: Allah – In the Names of Allah [2/4]

“In the names of Allah” with Dr. Bilal Philips on HUDA TV. Series explaining the names and attributes of Allah Almighty.

In this episode of “”In the names of Allah,” Dr. Philips explains the name “Allah.”

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Saying “Bismillah” in the house [start time 06:12]
Evil Eye and saying “Bismillah” [start time 11:20]
Exorcizing in the name of “Allah”
Leaving and Entering in the name of “Allah” [start time 21:00]
Commencing the marriage in the name of “Allah” [start time 24:22]
Conclusion [start time 26:47]