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Prophet Muhammad Honored By the U.S. Supreme Court

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Prophet Muhammad Honored By the U.S. Supreme Court

Prophet Muhammad Honored By the U.S. Supreme Court As One Of The Greatest Lawgivers Of The World In 1935.

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11 Responses to “Prophet Muhammad Honored By the U.S. Supreme Court”

  1. Mohammed says:

    Mashallah,the prophet Mohammed was always known for his organized laws that made the people look up to him as a mercy for mankind!

  2. Zubair Ahmed says:

    Masha Allah, It good to know that they have also recognized our beloved prophet (peace be upon him)

  3. muhammad nadeem aslam says:

    No doubt HE was the best of all the creations of ALLAH SWT ,,may ALLAH grant us enough wisdom to understand the true teachings of Islam as practiced by our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh along with the enough courage and patience to follow the path that leads to heavens !!! AAMEEN

  4. Miles Away says:

    SubhanAllah, Sallallahu alayhi wassalam 🙂

  5. Tabassum says:

    Allaahu Akber!! so true Muslim realize before yes My RESULL/selelahu aleyhi weselem was JUST!!!

  6. NIYAZ HASAN says:


  7. tamoor says:

    look how far the word has gotten

  8. lasami says:

    je souhaite acheter ce livre mais sur les sites internet je ne le trouve pas
    merci de m’aider, car je souhaite le lire

  9. salman Ishaque says:

    subhan-ALLAH …………there is no doubt he was the most tremendous lawgivers of the universe

  10. shokry says:

    Please put the link from american supreme court as some people will not believe

  11. Wise says:

    Honneur bien mérité !!!