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Pornography and ISLAM

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Pornography and ISLAM

There are many people whom will be amazed at what Eddie’s guest is going to talk about. A billion dollar industry that’s brought nothing good though, produced a lot of money, and has got a lot of people addicted. ┬áIs it OK to talk about it? Is this something that we should shy away from? Find out here and get better knowledge about it, by the will of God.

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3 Responses to “Pornography and ISLAM”

  1. wasim says:

    Realistic and informative dialogue between Eddie and honourable guest. Really beneficial. Jazakallah

  2. Sheyma says:

    MashAllah Eddie you are impressive. I wish all men had your decency, intelligence and fear of Allah Taala. Thank you for making people aware of such evil like pornography. I love your show, it is so beneficial and I learn so much. May Allah Taala bless you and your guests, preserve you and give you Firdous for your righteousness and dawah.

  3. Ash - from UK says:

    Eddie I like the chat show format but could you put up bullet points for important bits like the five principles which Yassir fazaga mentioned, giving images / visuals to support important guidance