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Jesus Never Wanted Worship

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Jesus Never Wanted Worship

We are continuing this episode with Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick to share his experience on how he came to Islam, who investigated all different world religions and he came to know that this way of life was indeed not a system that was organised by man but organised by the one God; the God of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Muhammad (peace upon Him) the last prophet. Don’t miss the show!

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6 Responses to “Jesus Never Wanted Worship”

  1. liibaan says:

    Only I lake pradaise

  2. Ibrahim Adamu says:

    please i need to know much about Eddie. And special thanks to Deen Show may Allah reward you with your good work and we love to always watch your programs. but can you please extend some of your mission work to local places in Africa i have much reasons for this issue but let me first hear from you. nice regard.

  3. hana says:

    Subhanallah for his research..may Allah reward him and Eddie for this interview…may Allah guide “not yet muslims” to the straight path..

  4. Abdush Shomad says:


    I like like very much your marvellous program “The Deen Show. I pray that your efforts will be noted by Allah Ta’ala as “ibadah and it becomes greater, wider, more powerful and more barakah. Allahumma amen. My salaam from Indonesia.

  5. cordia AlQahhar says:

    ASA greeting My brother I ready enjoy The Deen Show, good information on Islam. Thanks and keep up the good work, may Allah kept you in good health, Do have more talk about marriage in Islam. and the responsiblity men have toward sister in the deen

  6. Aminu Muhammad Suleiman says:

    A great contribution to the deen which should be sprayed wide. Not all people are oppotune to have internet, may I suggest the shows to be on CDs for a fee or surponsed by organizations or individuals. CDs will give more coverage.

    Thank you.