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Italy’s Ex-Interior Minister Opposes Hijab Ban

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Italy’s Ex-Interior Minister Opposes Hijab Ban


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4 Responses to “Italy’s Ex-Interior Minister Opposes Hijab Ban”

  1. Jawad Waheed says:

    You are perfectly right Mr. Roberto Maroni. All Hollywood movies that show the time before 1950s and back, all the Christian women appears in VEIL. This proves the comment of Mr. Roberto Maroni about Jesus s/o Mary.

  2. Abdo says:

    AND May Allah keep us firm in his way Ameen

  3. villaboy says:

    its make me tear,hijab is order by Allah, who person want so closed
    and seeking the blessing or redha Allah just do it what directions from Allah
    and stop dispute…..we are just servant of the almighty god,the name of Allah
    gift us life,air,,earth,sun.moon n etc..just always syukur or thanksgiving
    All is free,no bill every month come to our house totals its free…Alhamdulilah

  4. Waqar says:

    Asalam alaikum
    Just for sake of Authenticity, can any one provide me with reference to this. I mean when and where did he say that?